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Friday May 26, 2017

Don Chambers & Vic Varney at Hendershot's

Friends - we have been working on a new album among other schemes. It's almost done and we hope to have it out this fall. In the mean time we are going to play a few shows of old and some new material. This Friday at Hendershots in Athens I will have Chuck Bradburn joining me on standup bass and John Barner playing drums. Really looking forward to playing some new material. Joining us on the bill is Vic Varney - a long time friend and a brilliant musician (formerly of the Method Actors, GoVanGo). The show starts at 7:45 and will be done around 11pm. Please join us if you can. Have a great summer, we will be playing a few more summer shows to warm up for the album release hopefully this fall. cheers - don


[ listening for cries on frozen water ]