available april 1

Opening and Closings

We have had a great year with the new record, it’s been fun to hear the songs mutate at shows as they each find their way in the air. The full band (John, Chuck, Chris, Pistol, Sayward, Jackie, Don) will be playing Valentine’s night 2019 opening for the Drive-by Truckers at the 40 Watt - come out early for a rare occasion when we can fit that many people onstage.

Shutting the door on 2018 means working toward new material, back out to sea Ismael like. I am curious to see what develops - hopefully something that surprises me.

Meanwhile - have a great holiday. To many more! - don

Canopy Aerial Show "Everything That Rises"

We are excited to be playing 5 shows with Canopy Repertory Company - an aerial dance troupe. The show - "Everything That Rises" is a southern gothic story told in music and dance. We will be playing live each night while the aerialist perform on trapeze, ropes, chandeliers and other contraptions. There are still tickets available to some of the shows, Go to for more information.